Exhumation Hearing

This page is inclusive of a prosecutor’s hearing, lead by Richard Garrett, who was the Assistant Prosecutor for the district. The hearing was strung out to put on a public show resulting in Judge John Cole appointing Dan Harmon as special prosecutor for an exhumation hearing , resulting in second autopsies, a coroner’s inquest, and the cause of deaths being change to homicide.  All of this sounds noble, but the end goal was to justify a county grand jury investigation that would be controlled by Harmon and Cole.  The results of that grand jury dog and pony show were:  frustrated jurors, several dead witnesses, Harmon getting folk hero status through a duped media, protection of the killers, and the confidence of the conned parents of Kevin and Don.  The best documentation of this scandal is a huge number of newspaper articles, which will take a few weeks to post.  In the meantime, Linda’s podcasts #3 and #4 is a brief account.  Thank you for your patience.