Exhumation Hearing

This page includes newspaper articles covering a prosecutor’s hearing, lead by Richard Garrett, who was the Assistant Prosecutor for the district. The hearing was strung out to put on a public show resulting in Judge John Cole appointing Dan Harmon as special prosecutor for an exhumation hearing, resulting in second autopsies, a coroner’s inquest, and the cause of deaths being change from accidental to homicide.  All of this sounds noble, but the end goal was to justify impaneling a county grand jury to investigate the deaths of Kevin and Don that would be controlled by Harmon and Cole.  The results of that grand jury dog and pony show were:  frustrated jurors, several dead witnesses, Harmon getting folk hero status through a duped media, protection of the killers, and the confidence of the conned parents. 

Linda’s Podcasts #3 and #4 on the Podcast Page is Linda’s recount of Harmon and Cole putting on show, which Harmon admitted to Linda that, in fact, it was just that, “a show.”

News Paper Articles Covering the Prosecutor's Hearing and County Grand Jury Investigation