Suggested Way to Begin

Kevin Ives

Kevin is the son of Larry and Linda Ives.

Don Henry

Don is the son of Curtis and Marvel Henry.

On August 23, 1987, in Saline County, Arkansas, Kevin (17) and Don (16) were murdered by two dirty cops. Linda’s relentless pursuit for justice, has embattled the most powerful entities in our government from the local to the federal levels. She hasn’t won, but neither have they, and she’s not quitting by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyone who hasn’t followed Linda’s story from the beginning will likely be overwhelmed by the decades of events and the large number of people involved.  So this is how I suggest you might pick up in order to catch up.

You could read the Home page which sets the back-drop that has loomed over this story from the beginning.  When the involvement of 3 presidents in the crimes of Mena were exposed, it became easy to understand why the level of stonewalling against Linda has been impenetrable.

But that all comes later in the story.  To go forward from the murders in an orderly sequence, you can choose from 3 options:

All of the above are excellent summaries of the first 10 years after the murders.  Getting to know “Bad Guys” will help you follow the story to present day.  Then follow your interests.  Every page is interesting.

If you are familiar with the story and have followed Linda for a few years, you should then be able to jump right in and follow your interests.

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