A Sham That's Right Up There With The Worst Of Them

Linda doesn’t hold back when she expresses her frustration with the State Police Investigation that spent more effort trying to discredit witnesses than corroborating them.  As investigations go, this one is shameless.

State Police Sham Investigation (20 minutes)

As you can see below, we have posted 400 pages of the State Police investigation of the murders of Kevin and Don.  The good news is, they’re not redacted.  The bad news is, the investigation was a sham of the worst kind.  Howeverhe Saline County Grand Jury investigation led by Harmon is, of course, the mother of all sham investigations.

I will not be able to write a review of the State Police file before we launch on the 23rd, but I already see several issues that I will addressed.  Although Linda doesn’t point out specific pages in the State Police file, her podcast on the State Police investigation is an excellent overview of the sham as a whole.

When I have completed my review, our webmaster will post it and an alert will appear on the home page.

Arkansas State Police File

State Police File 1 – February, 1988 – 4 pages

State Police File 2 – March, 1988 – 30 pages

State Police File 3 – April, 1988 – 27 pages

State Police File 4 – May, 1988 – 49 pages

State Police File 5A – June, 1988 – 45 pages

State Police File 5B – June, 1988 – 47 pages

State Police File 5C – June, 1988 – 44 pages

State Police File 6A – July, 1988 – 44 pages

State Police File 6B – July, 1988 – 47 pages

State Police File 6C – July, 1988 – 50 pages

State Police File 7 – August, 1988 or not dated – 13 pages