Linda's Crusade In Her Own Words

Linda is a natural story teller, and even though recording is not her favorite thing to do, Jean convinced her how powerful it will be if she records her crusade for justice in her own words.  Jean joins Linda in later podcasts to tell how they met and together how they continue Linda’s search for justice for Kevin and Don.  Linda and Jean bring the story to present-day in chronological order, podcasts #1 – 9.

Podcasts beginning at #10 are random ID Files topic interviews by professional hosts of radio, television, and internet.

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Podcast #1: Kevin Was Everybody's Boy

Linda says that she thinks of her life in two parts; before Kevin died and after Kevin died.  Her first podcast is an interview with radio talk-show host, Doc Washburn, who has been Linda’s long-time supporter and friend.  Linda talks with Doc about the tranquility and joy of her life before Kevin was killed.  Kevin was the first boy in a family of all girls, so “Kevin was everybody’s boy.”  Linda remembers Kevin growing up, getting his first car, expanding his circle of friends, and becoming good friends with Don.

Podcast #2: His Name Is Kevin

Linda talks about the beautiful memory of the last time she saw Kevin and the horror of getting a call the next morning that every parent fears.  Linda talks about the wrenching pain of having to tell Larry, Kevin’s dad, and Alicia, his sister that Kevin is dead.   She remembers them sitting up all night, with several friends and neighbors, waiting for a call from the medical examiner confirming Kevin’s identity. The confirmation came the next day in a cold and indifferent way.  A sheriff deputy called and asked, where they wanted “the body delivered.”  Linda was incensed and didn’t hold back.  She said, “He has a name.  His name is Kevin.”  Linda remembers how hard it was to get through the funeral but most of all  how hard it was to put Kevin the ground and walk away.

Annotation: Don's Parents, Curtis and Marvelle Henry

It is absolutely not the intention of this website to exclude Don’s family from this story.  Both families experienced the worst thing that could happen to parents, the loss of their child in a most violent and  horrific way imaginable.  We wish every follower of our website to have compassion and support for both families.

The families were a united front while battling the imbecilic Famy Malak and his asinine accidental  ruling “due to a marijuana-induced psychedelic-stupor.”  At first they tried to avoid the media but later agreed to call a joint news conference to expose Malak.   Together they attended the traumatizing procedures of an exhumation hearing, and later they agonized while their sons were being dug up.  Larry and Curtis sat together for hours in a waiting room during the second autopsies, which Linda and Marvelle could not bear to attend.

When Dan Harmon inserted himself into their “plight for justice” the families distanced themselves from each other.  Linda later realized that Harmon was playing them against each other.  He told Curtis that Linda thought the Henrys were “trailer trash.”  Linda, of course, never ever thought such a thing.  Harmon continually hinted that Don and Curtis were somehow involved in dealing drugs.   Linda believes that Harmon told such tales to drive a wedge between the families so he could keep  control of them.

However, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, Curtis and Marvelle chose to believe that Harmon was nothing less than what he purported to be.  Curtis, in fact,  testified as a character witness at one of Harmon’s criminal trials. At that point, the distrust between the two families became too great to repair.

Linda, however, has always and continues to honor Don and to include him in her 32-year-long crusade for justice.  She says that Don was a good friend to Kevin and that Don was funny and great to be around.  Linda asks that her supporters honor the memory of Don and extend compassion to his family.

Podcast #3: "Dog and Pony Show" Starring Dan Harmon and John Cole

It took three weeks for the medical examiner, Famy Malak, to render a ruling of “accidental.”  The families were not ever going to accept an accidental ruling, but they were anxious to meet with Malak and hear his reasoning.  The meeting was stressful and contentious.  Afterwards, they got together and talked about what they might do next.  They decided to have a press conference to explain Malak’s inexcusable behavior.  To the families’ relief, Assistant Prosecutor Richard Garrett, approached the families with an offer to help.  Garrett brought in attorney Dan Harmon, who was appointed by Judge John Cole to head a county grand jury investigation.  Ultimately, the bodies of Kevin and Don were exhumed, a second autopsy was performed, and the deaths were  ruled definite homicide. 

“Dog and Pony Show” Starring Dan Harmon and John Cole (30 minutes)

Annotation: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

The inevitable questions about Harmon are:  If he was involved in the murders of Kevin and Don, why did he offer to help the parents get Malak’s accidental ruling overturned, and why did he neglect his private practice to spend months as special prosecutor (appointed by Judge John Cole) for the county grand jury investigation of the  murders?

The first answer is easy. Harmon’s primary motivation was always self-serving.  He took advantage of Fahmy Malak’s national media exposure as an incompetent buffoon, which made it politically beneficial for Harmon to oppose Malak.  More importantly, he gained the confidence of the parents.

The second answer involves a story in itself, which will be told on this website in the near future.  In a nutshell, Harmon  and Judge John Cole go way back when Harmon was an unknown attorney in private practice.  They became complicit in a ploy to acquire blackmail evidence from a busted “party house” attended by high-level public officials and wealthy businessmen.  The evidence from the bust, which included secret video tapes were confiscated,  turned over to Harmon (special prosecutor appointed by Cole), and never seen again.  Cole allowed Harmon  to plea the defendants to a sweetheart deal, so there were no trials, and the tapes were never seen.  From then on, Cole and Harmon have been a complicit team.

So, of course, Cole appointed Harmon to lead the county grand jury investigation of the murders of Kevin and Don, so Harmon could control the cover up.  During the months the grand jury met, many drug dealers and dirty cops who were at odds with Harmon were prosecuted.  Nothing connected to the murders of Kevin and Don was found, but  at least 7 compelling witnesses were killed.  The leap from there is not a stretch.

As for as Harmon neglecting his private practice, he made more money than his practice would have brought in by conning Linda and Larry out of a life insurance policy they had on Kevin.   Linda does not hold back in the next podcast of her hatred for Harmon over this.

Linda and Jean believe that Harmon is 100% the evil Mr. Hyde.

Podcast #4: Harmon's Control Slips Away

This is one of the most compelling podcasts because Linda explains how she went from believing that Dan Harmon was her knight in shining armor to realizing that he was on the tracks that night and was involved in the murders of Kevin and Don.

Podcast #5: State Police Sham Investigation

The State Police Investigation of the murders is hardly worth mentioning, except for the  fact that it is so worthless it needs to be mentioned.  Linda explains it well in this podcast.

State Police Sham Investigation (20 minutes)

Podcast #6: Jean's Task Force

Jean talks about the rise and fall of her drug task force and how Harmon and Cole teamed up to destroy her.  Cole presided over a grand jury investigation lead by, you guessed it, Prosecutor Harmon, in an attempted to indict Jean for the purported illegal activities the media had been reporting about her for months.  To the credit of the jurors, Harmon could not persuade them to indict Jean for anything, in spite of Cole’s support to do so.  When that failed Harmon and Cole became desperate.  At Harmon’s request, Cole issued two felony warrants for Jean arrest and announced to the media that when Jean is arrested she would not be allowed to bond out.  Jean foiled that plan as well.

Podcast #7: Linda and Jean Join Forces

Linda and Jean join forces in spite of Harmon’s desperate attempt to prevent that from ever happening.  They are obviously great friends who love each other and will continue to seek justice by spreading the truth.

Podcast #8: Eyewitness Polygraphed But Ignored

Perhaps the most significant break in the case happened when Tommy Neihouse came forward.  He is an eyewitness who placed Harmon on the tracks with Kevin and Don the night they were murdered.  Tommy passed an FBI polygraph test and was seen running out of the woods by a female witness, which corroborates one of her statements.  Apparently, passing an FBI polygraph test means absolutely nothing, as Harmon has never been interviewed or even questioned.

Eyewitness Polygraphed But Ignored (14 minutes)

Podcast #9: What Is Known. What Is Not Known.

Coming this spring is the most ambitious editorial podcast this website will ever publish.  It’s a joint venture of Linda and Jean.  They go through the events of the night the boys were murdered from the last time Linda saw Kevin to the next morning when she got the call from Curtis Henry that Kevin and Don have been “shot, tied to the railroad tracks, and run over by a train.” 

It has taken years of pouring through documents, talking to witnesses, staying open to new information, and separating truth from disinformation and outright contrived stories.  There are  still gaps here and there, but hopefully time will complete the story.  What Linda and Jean know now is enough to put those responsible for the murders on trial, and there is no statute of limitations on murder.

Podcast #10: The Mena Connection - Doc Washburn, (Newsradio 102.9 KARN)

Linda and Jean asked Doc to interview them on the topic of Mena, because Mena is the easiest connection to understand, but the most difficult to prove.  The Mena connection was not apparent for years, but it became obvious there was something  to hide that was way more important than protecting the dirty cops that killed Kevin and Don.  The first huge red flag was the federal judgeship nomination awarded to U.S Attorney Chuck Banks by President George W.H. Bush, when Banks shut  down a federal grand jury investigation of the murders.  U.S. Attorney Asa Hutchingson did the same thing to a drug-smuggling investigation in Mena.  He then  became Governor and named the prime suspect in the murders, Kirk Lane, as Arkansas State Drug Czar.  Lane filed a defamation law suit which ended in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. See opinion.  During this interview with Doc, Linda says it in classic Linda style,

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion makes Kirk Lane look guiltier than I ever could.  (Podcast at 34:02)

Linda and Jean talk about the obvious and not-so-obvious clues that point to a Mena connection and how evidence has to be tucked away sometimes until it can be corroborated and connected.  They have been doing that for years.  It’s a puzzle they have had to put together by themselves with a great amount of resistance and stonewalling from authority at every level, but it is inevitable that the truth will be known.

Podcast #11: Sharline's Interview - Doc Washburn

Linda and Jean are preparing a time-line of events, The Last Hours of Kevin Ives and Don Henry  from sources such as police reports, eye witness accounts, grand jury testimony, and news stories.  A great hindrance to getting the truth to supporters has been disinformation from people who have vested interests in protecting themselves from evidence of involvement in the murders, to legitimate investigators who participate in the coverups for favors or self-promotion, to idiots who purport to be legitimate investigators but don’t know squat and have actually gotten witnesses killed for spouting off.

Linda and Jean have been discouraged from including the false scenarios on the website, and one cannot argue their point that it makes a vastly complicated story even more confusing.  However, sorting out these false accounts are part of  Linda’s struggle to find the truth, so some accounts will be included as a series on the “Editorials” page under “Contrived Scenarios” followed this spring by The Last Hours of Kevin Ives and Don Henry that will site documented sources.

The first in this series is “Sharline’s Confession”, in which she explains to Doc Washburn how she was physically and psychologically abuse for 2½ days and coerced into signing a false confession.  Sharline was an informant for Jean Duffey’s task force from the beginning, and Jean never believed the confession.  A close look at the contrived confession does not align with what Linda and Jean know to be true.  Sharline’s interview with Doc Washburn explains the details of her abuse at the hands of Judy Pridgon and the Faulkner County jail personnel, followed by documentation that contradicts many statements in the confession.

Sharline has taken Linda and Jean to the RR Signal Access Road, where she sat in the car the entire time Harmon was on the tracks.  She explains to Doc what she saw and heard, which helps corroborate her story that she never left the car.  See an aerial map of the road.

Sharline’s Interview Part 1 – Doc Washburn (34 minutes)
Sharline’s Interview Part 2 – Doc Washburn (23 minutes)