Robert Govar

It’s obvious from reading Govar’s memos that he wrote to U.S. Attorney Chuck Banks, that he very much wanted the Federal Grand Jury to indict several Saline County Officials, including Dan Harmon, Judge John Cole, and Richard Garrett.  There is, however, not one mention of Pulaski County Deputies Kirk Lane or Jay Campbell.  See Memo #1 and Memo #2.

Govar, Lane, and Campbell were at their shared deer camp when Govar got a call from his office and was told that there was an emergency and he had to return immediately.  Knowing that Govar would be drinking, this was an obvious set-up with Grant County Deputies waiting for Govar out on the highway.  

By this turn of events, there was little doubt that the people who were supposed to find justice for Kevin and Don, where working much harder to perpetuate the cover-up in a quintessential dog-eat-dog environment with no place for justice.