Investigation Marred with Questions

Why did the Prosecutor need to recuse himself?  Why did Arkansas Attorney General Steve Clark drag his feet and do nothing?  Why did an appointed out of district prosecutor withdraw from the case?

  • March, 1984 – The Saline Memorial  Hospital Scandal broke, but finding a prosecutor to lead the investigation proved challenging.
  • Summer of 1984 – After several failed attempts to find an attorney willing to accept the position of special prosecutor, Dan Harmon who came in third in a three-man race for district prosecutor accepted the position.
  • Harmon used the position to make a name for himself.  Evidence gathered from the party house raid was never seen by anyone but Harmon who used the photos and videos to blackmail high-level officials.

Newspaper Articles Covering the Scandal

The below newspaper articles are in chronological order but may create more questions than answers; typical of Saline County reporters.  Dan Harmon took control of the media and manipulated reporters to bolster his status as a leading public official.

The links below are large PDF files which may take awhile to download.