MENA and the CIA


Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection

Released in 1996, this documentary made by Pat Matriciana of Integrity Films is an irrefutable account of a corrupted Arkansas under Governor Bill Clinton.  The corruption was systemic throughout law enforcement as well as public and political officials at every level and from both political parties, enabling the immediate implementation of a cover-up of the murders of Kevin and Don and the perpetuation of outrageous lies at every turn.  Linda and Jean had editorial control over the contents of the video, and they went to great lengths to be absolutely accurate. They got it right for the most part, but the passage of 23 years has uncovered events that are more disturbing but closer to accurate.  After the release of the documentary, Saline County Deputy Sheriff John Brown (predominant in the last 3rd of the video), turned against Linda and Jean.  They don’t know why. Was he  threaten?  Was he blackmailed? They don’t know.  He never gave them an explanation.  See John Brown’s page.


During the making of the video, the FBI opened its own two-year investigation during which time a great deal more was learned.  The FBI has released 2,000+ documents under FOIA, but admit to having 15,000 more.  Although many of the documents  received are heavily redacted, one thing is clear, the FBI knows who killed the boys and law enforcement was involved in the cover-ups.  Our researcher, Ron, created a one-page collage from the documents that speaks volumes.  See FBI Collage.

Secret Heartbeat of America: The CIA and Drugs

This is a documentary by Daniel Hopsicker, an investigative journalist, that uncovers the truth to the rumors about Iran-Contra during the Reagan years, CIA drug trafficking, CIA drug operations in Mena, Arkansas during the Clinton governorship and presidency. It also implies that former president George H.W. Bush, who was vice president during the Reagan years, and was also former head of the CIA was also involved. This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. The media material presented in this production is protected by the FAIR USE CLAUSE of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism, and education. See more of Daniel Hopsicker on the Investigative Reporters page.

Theresa Dickie's News Reports

Written by Jean Duffey

These news clips appear from time to time in documentaries about Barry Seal and his Mena, Arkansas drug-smuggling operations.  All we know about Theresa Dickie is that she was an investigative reporter for KFSM-Channel 5 in Fort Smith, Arkansas during the early 1980’s.  We have made an effort to find Ms. Dickie, but she may wish us to respect her privacy, which we will.  We hope she is well and wish her the best, but we want her know that we admire and appreciate what she did to expose Mena.

Terry Reed - The Mena Connection

The Video

This revealing documentary contains rare and unauthorized footage of C-123 coded-named “The Fat Lady” – The plane that nearly brought down the Reagan/Bush Administration when it was shot down in Nicaragua loaded with guns while piloted by an ex_air American crew. Her her astonishing life story. For the first time ever The Fat Lady sings…

The Mena Connection takes you into the dark history of CIA’s covert operations in Arkansas – Back to a time in which a young Governo, desperate to build power base from which to launch a bid for the Presidency, made a pact with the real power brokers behind America’s secret goverment.

All in the name of National Security, Bill Clinton ‘rented’ his state to CIA for covert arms manufacturing and shipment – at a time in which Congress had banned support for Nicaraguan Contras.The illegal activity led to subversion of our Judicial System, which then allowed drugs and drug profits to freely flow through America’s heartland.

Follow the trials and tribulations of former CIA asst Terry Reed and his family as they valiantly attempt to bring this saga to Federal Court. Told through a multitude of interviews and rare footage. The Mena Connection tells of those individuals whose lives have been changed forever as a result of the ongoing cover-up and containment of what is perhaps America’s darkest secret – the successful, silent coup that set up the unelected, elitist micro-government now firmly enriched in power

The Book

Want learn more, read “Compromised” by Terry Reed and John Cummings

This book argues that Presidents Clinton and Bush are under the influence of the CIA and that the agency worked to insure Clinton’s election

Terry Reed is a former Air Force Intelligence operative who served with the most secret project of the Vietnam War. Task Force Alpha. This was the most sophisticated and highly classified intelligence gathering unit of that period. At the age of 21, armed with a top-secret security clearance provided by the Defense Intelligence Agency, a near photographic memory and strong mid western values, he was entrusted with America’s dirtiest secrets. As a civilian intelligence asset, he later worked for the FBI and CIA on projects the law had bared these agencies from undertaking. His problems began when the CIA found he had more patriotism than it had bargained for.

This is the first documented expose of Bill Clinton’s involvement in illegal government activity includes alleged evidence that George Bush was lying when he said he was out of the loop regarding Iran-Contra activities.

The Mena Cover Up

The Video

The Mena Cover-up puts to rest the many rumors, myths, and legend surrounding the tiny rural town of Mena, Arkansas. In 60 action-packed minutes, the viewer is shown how Organized Crime, working with Colombian Drug Lords, compromised U.S.

Government Officials at the local, state and federal level and even assisted in the making of a President. This riveting story tells of drugs, guns, money laundering, blackmail and murder. American heroes such as Arkansas State Police Investigator Russell Welch, I.R.S. Federal Agent Bill Duncan, journalist Scott Wheeler and others, put their reputation, jobs, and lives on the line to make this revealing documentary possible. The American judicial system has been undermined – The future of this country depends on every American being informed.

World Net Daily:  Unless you read the inside pages of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (not one of my favorite pastimes), you probably missed what may be a significant development in what has become known in Clinton scandal parlance as the “boys on the tracks case.”

Arkansas State Medical Examiner Fahmy Malak, appointed by Gov. Bill Clinton, quickly ruled the boys’ deaths “accidental,” saying they were unconscious or in a deep sleep as a result of smoking marijuana. That explanation didn’t add up to Kevin’s mother, Linda, who publicly challenged the finding. A local grand jury began investigating, resulting in the bodies being exhumed.

The Murder On The Tracks

This series of documentaries is a detailed account of the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, on August 23, 1987, as told by Ron Dane.  Dane’s sources of information are government documents, news articles, and interviews from those close to the story.

See “The Murder On The Tracks Video Series” At Ron’s Page.