Hateful and Perfidious Editorial

Max Brantley

Max Brantley is a senior editor of The Arkansas Times and has never written a word of respect or kindness about Linda Ives.  He, in fact, takes any opportunity to  express his disdain, with no hint as to why.  His below editorial, “The Boys on the Tracks are Back,” is as hateful as one could get.

Linda was approached by Little Rock attorney R. David Lewis who offered to file an FOIA asking for not-yet-released investigative files on the murders of Kevin and Don.  It was a good idea, which would hopefully provide information that has been unavailable for over 30 years.  Who could fault Linda for wanting access to any possible new information?

Oh, yes, that would be Max Brantley.  He writes that the suit will “morph into a repeat of Clinton Chronicles-style conspiracy theories to inject into the final days of Hillary Clinton’s run for president. . . .”  Holy, cow!  Did a purported professional journalist actually write that?  I’d sure like to know how he connected those dots.

Brantley writes, “I meant no disrespect in saying this lawsuit sounds like the whistle of an approaching crazy train.”  Really?  Of course he meant disrespect, and, in fact, is probably still gloating over what he thinks is a clever metaphor.

Brantley’s commentary about Linda doesn’t achieve his intended purpose (whatever that was).  It rather divulges his hateful and perfidious attitude toward Linda (which will never gain him respect – the thing responsible journalists want most).

Coordinated Efforts To Disinform

Dan Harmon, once a popular, charismatic, local political figure, is now known to have been on the tracks the night of the murders of Kevin and Don.  In fact, there is evidence that Harmon was one of the hands-on killers.

At the time of the boys’ deaths,  it was immediately obvious to the parents that the case was not being investigated properly.  The media was a supportive platform for them to express their concerns.  The story was sensational and became national news.  When Harmon approached the parents and offered to help, they thought his intentions were noble.  Harmon’s intentions were, however, to get control of the media and disseminate disinformation.  Harmon reached out to two local reporters that he knew he could control.  They were of mediocre talent and had little to no journalistic integrity.  Harmon had his local disinformation team.  See Lynda Hollenbeck and Doug Thompson below.

On the national level, NBC’s “Unsolved Mysteries” filmed two episodes using Harmon and his right hand man, Richard Garrett, as the primary sources of information.  The episodes asked for anyone with information to call in, which many did, but the only follow up they received were threats and warnings to keep their mouths shut.  There were no reports filed.  Linda Ives tried to explain to the producers that Harmon and Garrett were suspects, but she was ignored and episodes continued to be aired on  

Meet Team Harmon

Doug Thompson

Arkansas Democrat

Doug Thompson says, “What I”m proudest of in my years as a reporter is running Jean Duffey out of state.”  What an asinine claim for a journalist to make, and it’s not even close to true.  Jean Duffey, the only legitimate investigator of the murders at that time, left the state and went into hiding for 9 months because Judge John Cole issued 2 illegal felony warrants for her arrest for which there would be no bond, which was followed by the Hot Spring County Sheriff yelling down the hall of his basement office that there is $50,000 on Jean’s head, followed by an informant telling Jean that, if arrested, she would not leave jail alive.  Does anyone really think that Doug Thompson’s name came up during the conversation Jean and her husband had about her having to leave that night.

Lynda Hollenbeck

Benton Courier

Linda Ives and Lynda Hollenbeck became friends very quickly after the boys were killed.  They often spoke on the phone several times a day and frequently met in person, and they both appreciated and admired Harmon.  Hollenbeck relied exclusively on Harmon for her stories, while Linda Ives conducted her own investigation by continually talking to anyone and everyone who might have information.  When Linda talked with the paramedics about what they had seen that night, they told Linda that the boys’ blood indicated they were dead before they were  laid on the tracks.  Linda eventually came to realize that Harmon was controlling a cover-up.  When she explained her beliefs on a local radio talk show, Hollenbeck, ignored her and stayed a strong and loyal supporter of Harmon.

Internet Detractors

Billy Bottoms

Billy Bottoms is the brother of Barry Seal’s second wife, so he is often referred to as Seal’s ex-brother-in-law.  It is true that Bottoms was one of Seal’s two trusted pilots, and he likely knew as much about the Mena operation as anyone, but he was a bulldog detractor after Seal was assassinated.  You can be certain that whatever Bottoms says about the Mena operation is a lie.  Most investigative journalists ignored him, but email sparring with him was revealing.  He seemed to pay more attention to investigators, like Arkansas State Police Investigator Russell Welch.  He and Bottoms debated frequently on Bottoms’ pod cast, but it’s difficult to understand why, since Welch made a fool of Bottoms on every talking point.  Bottoms preferred to debate with those who knew what they were talking about, so this gave Linda and Jean confidence that they were right about the murders being connected to Mena drugs.  Bottoms apparently learned that Jean and Barry’s wife Debbie, talk from time to time, so just last month (May, 2019) Bottoms told Debbie to tell Jean that no drugs ever went through Mena.  Bottom’s is continuing to make pathetic attempts to be a detractor. 

Keith Rounsavall

Linda Ives and Jean Duffey have filed a law suit again Keith Rounsavall for libel/slander, conflict of interest, and fraudulent fund raising.  The link to the complaint is below, and is where we will post all  documents as they are filed.  We will make no comments on the suit until it has been resolved.

Case: 60CV-19-4424
Linda Ives and Jean Duffey V. Keith Rounsaval
Filed: June 22, 2019
Honorable Alice S. Gray
12th Division, 6th Circuit

Intent of the Lawsuit

By Abby Lee, Staff Volunteer

The purpose of the lawsuit had two primary purposes. One was to stop Keith Rousavall from claiming that he has been useful in investigating the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry. If he continues to make that claim, Linda and Jean challenge him to post one bit of information that had not been previously posted on ID Files. Two was to attempt to stop him from scamming supporters out of their money. Unfortunately, only folks who were scammed can file a complaint against him, which is done through “go-fund-me.” Linda gave Roundsavall money to travel to Portland and bring back Billy Jack Hayes, but when he turned out to be a fraud, she withdrew her endorsement of Rousavall’s go-fund-me account and did what she could to get the word out that Haynes had failed 3 attempts at a polygraph test. Haynes also tried to insert himself in at least one other high-profile murder case in Portland, but failed a polygraph test there as well. You might enjoy a documentary produced by our website contributor, Ron Dane. It is, as always, very well documented, but this time has a flair of humor for interest. A link to the lawsuit in its entirety is below.

Rounsavall Defamation Suit Dropped

By Abby Lee, Staff Volunteer

If you were following the status of the lawsuit Linda and Jean filed against Kieth Rounsavall, you know that they withdrew the complaint. There have been inquiries as to the reason for dropping the suit, as it’s filing seemed like a just thing to do. Quite simply, however, during the preparation of damages evidence for depositions, they could find no discernible damages. Certainly, Rounsavall has malice toward Linda and Jean, and he tells numerous lies throughout his internet postings, but rantings of Keith Rounsavall and Billy Jack Haynes are sending new supporters to ID Files. Linda and Jean decided to not waste valuable time on a nuisance likened to a gnat flying around, so they simply ignore it and welcome the growth of supporters.

That said, Linda and Jean are concerned for the folks who are being scammed by Rounsavall’s go-fund-me account, in which he claims that he is investigating the murders of Kevin and Don. He, in fact, has contributed not one morsel of information to the case that he didn’t lift from ID Files. His facebook page “Help Solve the Murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry” is a farce. He uses it to spread calumny, which wise men advise is best ignored. A quintessential example is Rounsavall’s interview with Billy Jack Hayes, which has no useful purpose and is not short of buffoonery. The purpose of is to preserve history with truthful and credible information that is well documented. The only financial supporters are the Ives’ and the Duffey’s.