Campbell and Lane Defamation Trial

Evidence the jury was not allowed to see at the Campbell and Lane defamation trial

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7th Judicial District Drug Task Force

Glenda Raper Interview - Live-in friend of Keith McKaskle
Note: Keith McKaskle was stabbed 113 times in his own carport. The murder remains unsolved.

Keith would meet Jay Campbell every Thursday night at the Wagon Wheel in Little Rock. She does not know if there were any narcotic dealings between the two, but knew they were exchanging information at first about the train deaths. (Keith was the manager of the Wagon Wheel at this time.) Glenda said that Keith later found out that Campbell was involved in a lot of illegal activities with those who were to some degree involved in the train deaths. Keith quit meeting Campbell after he discovered this, but he felt that Campbell had already relayed information that he had gotten from Keith to those involved.

Arkansas State Police Train Deaths Investigation

Mike Crook ASP Interview - Mike Crook says McKaskle feared Lane and Campbell.

Crook states that before Keith McKaskle was killed, McKaskle told him that Kirk Lane and Jay Campbell of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office were following him around and he was afraid they were going to kill him.

  Donna Morrissey ASP Interview - Paralegal-secretary to Attorney R. David Lewis

There are physical descriptions following each name. There is asterisk beside the name of Kirk Lane and J. Campbell denoting "Most Dangerous".

Beside the name of Kirk Lane there is the notation "Kill the Bryant Children being investigated".

After a physical description of J. Campbell, there is the notation "Told Donna he would rape her and her mother and (illegible) her dog".

Ronnie Godwin ASP Interviews and Notes - Eye Witness Near Ranchette Store

See more details regarding Ronnie Godwin in "Witnesses" under Eye Witness #1.

Affidavits Collected by Defense Attorney R. David Lewis:

Teddy Carter Affidavit - Federal Drug Informant

On March 18 or so, I gave the FBI the evidence bags. on March 23, Kirk Lane and Robert German were at the Little Rock Hilton looking for me, according to Joe Hardage of the FBI. On March 26, 1988, FBI Agent Hardage gave me $500 to leave town because I was being hunted by Lane and German.

Confidential Informant Affidavit

Mr. Lewis called me a dew days later and said that he had setup an appointment for me with the State Police and FBI. I met Mr. Lewis who took me to the State Police Headquarters about September 8, 1988. I told Lt. Doug Williamson of the Arkansas State Police and FBI Agent Joe Jaggers about the conversation with Jay Campbell and of seeing Larry Dill Deliver the marijuana. I offered to wear a body mike and make a buy from Jay Campbell. I offered to take a polygraph when asked to do so by Agent Jaggers. The next day, Mr. Lewis called me and told me that the FBI was not interested because they had and active instigation on me.

More Affidavits not Allowed as Evidence

FBI Interview with Dan Lasater

Lasater's FBI Interview - 21 pages
    Excerpt: Page 12 - Jay Campbell likes to fly with Dan Lasater

Campbell has commented that he thought the investigation surrounding him (Lasater) was "chicken shit."

He first learned that Jay Campbell was associated with the DEA on the plane trip to the Arkansas/Ole Miss football game at Jackson, Mississippi, in 1985 when it was mentioned by Campbell himself.

However, Campbell had told him that as an officer with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office he had been watching him (Lasater) in connection with his official duties but that he found that there was not enough there to make a case.

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