Sunday,  June 23, 1996
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Where would Harmon be without the media?

Dear Editor,

Reading about Dan Harmon's scrapes and escapes is tiring. Why isn't he in prison?

Remember when Harmon was appointed to head the 1988 investigation of the Ives and Henry murders? The media made him a folk hero. However, Linda Ives says recent investigations identify three eye-witnesses placing Harmon on the tracks the night of the murders. This sheds a different light on Harmon's motives for stepping into the spotlight and crediting himself for getting Malak's accidental ruling overturned, which the parents had already initiated. Nothing else significant happened during Harmon's investigation; except several witnesses turned up dead.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bob Govar's federal investigation of Saline County corruption in 1990 targeted Harmon, according to leaked federal memos. Harmon blamed that ordeal on Jean Duffey and fed garbage to the media about her. The media played along. Duffey was discredited and fired, Govar was ousted from the investigation, all Saline County officials were cleared, and Harmon took over Duffey's drug task force.

Where would Harmon be without the media?

Events of last November changed things. Cocaine seized by Harmon's task force couldn't be accounted for, and FBI informants tell tales of extortion and bribery. Harmon's violent behavior, which has been going on for years, is dominating the news. Yet, Harmon is a free man.

The media helped create this monster, so the media owes the public some answers. I want to read what Bob Govar, Jean Duffey, and Linda Ives have apparently known for years about Dan Harmon and Saline County.


Mark Keesee
Little Rock

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