Saturday, July 25, 1992
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Malak finds new position in Arkansas

Democrat-Gazette Capitol Bureau

Dr.Fahmy Malak, the state's former medical examiner, has a new job at the sate Health Department.

Malak was appointed the department's laboratory medical consultant earlier this year, Health Department Director Dr. Joycelyn Elders said Friday. Malak formerly was conducting research on sexually transmitted diseases. "I don't consider this a promotion," Elders said.

Malak resigned in September 1991 from his job as state medical examiner amid allegations of botching autopsies and giving inaccurate testimony.

Malak was then hired by Elders to conduct research on sexually transmitted diseases and is paid $70,525 annually. Elders said Malak's salary didn't increase when he was transferred to laboratory medical consultant.

"I didn't have any money to give him a raise," she said.

The position had been held by Dr. Robert Tracy Howell, who died in July 1991. Since then, Howell's position has been reorganized to comply with stricter federal guidelines, said Tom S. Butler, the department's administrative director.

Malak and Dr. Jason Lee both oversee the department's six microbiology laboratories, Butler said.

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