Friday, May 8, 1998
ID Files Update

John Brown: His Startling Discovery or His Basis For An Insanity Defense

By Jean Duffey

Prologue: The following update is not important in the scheme of the "train deaths," and I would not ordinarily spend my time writing such nonsense. However, John Brown is taking desperate measures and going to incredible lengths to divert focus from his failed attempt to destroy Pat Matrisciana's defense against Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane.

Linda and I believe the best way to keep focused on the facts is to expose Brown's diversionary nonsense. Hence, the following update.

Update: I guess when a liar digs himself in deep enough, and gets desperate enough, nothing is too far-fetched. We gave John Brown several opportunities to "redeem himself" at the behest of Pat Matrisciana who sees good in everyone (whether it's there or not). Brown avoided six deposition dates and refused to show up to three specifically set for him. Yet, he continues to dig himself in deeper.Brown claims that he met with Jay Campbell and Campbell's attorney to get inside information from them that would save the law suit for Pat. This was Brown's explanation in the April 15, 1998, telephone conversation Brown had with Pat. (The transcript of that conversation will be posted on our website when obtained from the court reporter.)

Pat says anyone willing to buy that story deserves to lose a $16,000,000 law suit. Imagine a witness for Pat, meets with the opposing side without Pat's attorney, signs a sworn affidavit damaging Pat's defense, and claims he did it to get information from them. Pat didn't buy that one, so here's the latest.

Brown says that an old employee of Pat's, initials T.U., copied all the correspondence Linda and I had with Pat during the making of "Obstruction" and sold it all to Gene Lyons. According to Brown, Lyons got so excited he financed the law suit against Pat. Gene Lyons is a Clinton-apologist who writes a column for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and Brown suggests that the suit is intended to punish Pat for saying bad things about our president. Let's consider the rationality of that.

First, the correspondence that exists relating to the making of "Obstruction" is important evidence for Pat's defense. There is absolutely nothing there that could give rise to a law suit; quite the contrary, it benefits Pat. Second, Linda and I believe Bill Clinton's fingerprints are all over the cover-up of the murders of Kevin and Don, but the ties we can make are tenuous (numerous, but tenuous). Instigating a law suit could open the doors during discovery to reveal stronger connections. If Gene Lyons was really interested in financing a law suit against Pat, suing over "Obstruction of Justice" would be a poor choice.

The insanity defense is your best shot, John.

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