Excerpts from Michael Reagan's interview with Daniel Hopsicker

August 22, 1997

Reagan: "The Secret Heartbeat of America" is the just completed two hour TV special that may never air in America because of its explosive contents - the courageous crusade of a mother who lost her child. Linda Ives lost her child, and Jean Duffey, an equally courageous prosecuting attorney who wouldn't let their murders go unsolved.

Let me bring in Daniel Hopsicker. Daniel, tell me about your history because you are the producer-investigative reporter on this . What are your credentials?

Hopsicker: Mike, I'm in the television industry. I produce a business TV show called "Global Business" internationally and on NBC. It has been airing for about 18 months.

I went out to do a pilot for a half hour show called "Conspiracy." I wanted to do an "In Search of the Paranoid 90s." And, like In Search of, each show would have an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. The train death was going to be the main course, or the serious story on our pilot half hour episode.

Then I went down to Arkansas and met Mrs. Ives. But, the first thing that happened is that I met Jean Duffey in Houston.

Reagan: Jean Duffey who, I believe, is the deputy District Attorney.

Hopsicker: And she speaks very much as a lawyer speaks, you know what I mean?

Reagan: Yes.

Hopsicker: Very studied in her mannerisms and very deliberate in her speech. OK? So, I interviewed her and the next day I flew into Little Rock (Arkansas) and the first person I see in Little Rock is a reporter with the Arkansas Democrat who had followed the train deaths for seven years.

The first thing the reporter said to me is, looking me straight in the eyes is: "Jean Duffey is crazy. She belongs in an insane asylum." It was one of the shocking moments of my life. He didn't know that I had already talked with Jean Duffey when he told me that.

It was one of the most shocking moments of my life, because I realized someone was deliberately lying to me. This was misinformation coming from a reporter who had been friendly to me when I had approached him asking questions.

Reagan: Yeah.

Hopsicker: I was shocked! Then the next day I met Linda Ives and I talked to her. It became very clear that Linda Ives is a bereaved mother who was inadvertently caught when a huge tornado swept down and hit...

Reagan: Dan, stay with me, I've got to take a break! We'll be back with Linda Ives and Daniel Hopsicker . The Secret Heartbeat of America has answers to the following questions. What are they? We'll let you know after the break.

When we come back on the Michael Reagan Radio Talk show we'll tell you a little bit more, and get more information on Daniel Hopsicker the producer and investigative reporter for The Secret Heartbeat of America. We'll talk to Linda for a few moments more then find out what you can do to either see this or get this show on television.


Reagan: We're back everybody, .....Dan, you went into this blind other than you went down to get some information for a television show.

Hopsicker: That's correct.

Reagan: You went in kinda thinking, "This will make a good show, and be a fun thing to do." Was there a point in time when things changed for you and you became a believer?

Hopsicker: Almost immediately! In fact, immediately. Linda Ives and Jean Duffey, if you spent any time with them, you would realize quickly that they are telling the truth. When you hear the story and have seen either the Clinton Chronicles or Obstruction of Justice that profile the story - you realize there has been a government cover-up of serious and long lasting proportions.

Reagan: What do you think caused the deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry?

Hopsicker: That is the question. Why? Why has there been such a government cover-up. Apparently, Mike, and this is another shocking thing that I discovered. Drugs rained from the sky over the State of Arkansas in the 1980s.

I was in Los Angeles. I've never seen drug rain from the sky here. But there are lots of reports from people who live in Arkansas that indeed that did occur back then. The boys were at a point of a drug drop.

Reagan: So, what do you answer in this special that you have. What are some of the questions we are going to get answers to?

Hopsicker: I think why the cover-up has gone on so long. OK? Why wasn't this just a case of local and then state misconduct that was able to be handled through the judicial process. Why has the cover-up been so long lasting.


Reagan: Are we going to learn some things from this video that we didn't learn from anything else?

Hopsicker: Absolutely - some major new things. Would you like to hear one?

Reagan: Yeah!

Hopsicker: You've heard of Mena, Arkansas.

Reagan: Yes. I could spell it in my sleep.

Hopsicker: And you've heard of Barry Seal? And you know that Barry Seal by the government's own admission brought in almost $5 billion worth of cocaine.

Reagan: Give or take a snort!

Hopsicker: Give or take a snort. Well, here is the biggest revelation I could have ever found to be true. Barry Seal was a CIA Agent.

Reagan: Do you know who he worked for? Who he answered to?

Hopsicker: I've heard various people. I've heard Oliver North.

Reagan: Higher.

Hopsicker: Hum?

Reagan: Higher.

Hopsicker: Yeah, I've heard higher. Apparently he was part of an operation that was long standing and used Mena, Arkansas as a private installation of a secret cabal, if you would, who had their fingers in some powerful government positions.

Reagan: If people want to see this video, it's a television special that will never be on television. Can they get a copy of the video?

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