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Monday, July 16, 2001

Linda's Letter to the Benton Courier

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Next month will mark the 14th anniversary of the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry. Years ago, a Benton Courier editor noted that the “train deaths” file, as the case became known, was the largest ever compiled by the paper. The murders were covered by local, state, national and international news media and thousands of newspaper articles were written about the murders. The murders were also the subject of many television shows over the years, including Dateline NBC in 1992.

In 1993 a witness contacted me and told me he had been an eyewitness on the tracks the night of the murders. He claimed a high ranking elected Saline County official was one of the persons present on the tracks the night Kevin and Don were murdered. The witness was taken to FBI headquarters where he passed an FBI polygraph test and was immediately placed into protective custody by the FBI. This witness’s testimony corroborated information the FBI had obtained from yet another eyewitness who placed this same official on scene of the murders.

In 1995 I was devastated and outraged when FBI officials told me and my husband Larry that they were not certain that a crime had even been committed. I was convinced that officials would not allow the crime to be solved because of connections the case had to a government sanctioned drug smuggling operation based in Mena, Arkansas.

I decided to go to go public with details never published anywhere. In May of 1996 a documentary video was released by Integrity Films entitled “Obstruction of Justice – the Mena Connection”. The narrator of the video states that eyewitnesses have implicated several people in the murders and subsequent cover-up including Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane who were Pulaski County narcotics officers at the time of the murders.

In 1998, Campbell and Lane sued the video’s producer, Pat Matrisciana and Integrity Films for defamation. The case went to trial in August of 1999 and was covered extensively by the Benton Courier. It was the Courier’s lead story for 8 days, and on August 10th when the jury found for Campbell and Lane and awarded them nearly $600,000.00, the Benton Courier’s three and half inch banner headline screamed:

“Deputies defamed, jury says”

I knew that the statements in the video were not only true, they were documented. I also knew that the jury was not allowed to hear or view all of the evidence. The verdict was appealed to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and all of the evidence was reviewed by 5 federal judges.

On July 10, 2001 the ruling came down. The Court reversed and dismissed the case stating that there are eyewitnesses who implicate Campbell and Lane in the murders or cover-up. They further stated that Campbell and Lane failed to prove that the statement was false and that Pat Matrisciana had not acted recklessly in relying on the investigation done by myself and Jean Duffey, a former Saline County Deputy Prosecutor and former head of the 7th Judicial Drug Task Force.

The Benton Courier was faxed the entire 26 page Court ruling but apparently did not consider it newsworthy. No front page banner headlines that there are eyewitnesses implicating county officials or law enforcement in one of the biggest murder cases in Saline County. No sir, they didn’t even bother to write a story about it – they simply buried the AP article on page 5. And what was newsworthy and on page 1 of the Benton Courier that day? A large photo of a downtown business putting out a fem in preparation for a sidewalk sale. There was also an article about a new area code in Northwest Arkansas.

Wake up Courier – this is why I and many other Saline County residents look for news somewhere besides the Benton Courier.

Linda Ives