July 29, 1998

From Mark Keesee

Lowell Cage
Arkansas Federal Bureau of Investigation
Suite 200, Two Financial Centre
10825 Financial Centre Parkway
Little Rock, AR. 72211-3552


This fax is in compliance with your instructions to put the information in writing regarding the death threat I received via e-mail.

There were a total of three messages which came around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, July 26. They came one immediately after the other. I have made hard copies of each and included them in this fax. I have also attached the verification received from my internet provider that the message originated in Thailand.

You asked me who I know in Thailand, but as I told you on the phone, I don't know a single soul in Thailand. I have never talked, written, e-mailed, or otherwise communicated with anyone in Thailand or any other Asian country.

You asked why I think I received such a threat. I, of course, can only speculate, but it is obvious from the first and third message, that it has something to do with the website, www.idfiles.com, for which I am the webmaster. Called the "train deaths" website, it was established about two years ago to expose the connections, cover-ups, and all known information about the August 23, 1987, murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry. We contend that the murders were connected to a major drug smuggling operation. I suppose it is possible that we struck a nerve. This, of course, is speculation, for I don't have the advantage of knowing everything about where the connections could ultimately lead.

You asked me what I want the FBI to do. The answer to that is simple. I would like to know who this person is and what his/her connections are -- if any -- to criminal activity. I want you to investigate; to have the e-mail traced; to locate the sender; and to provide necessary protection to me and my family.

I will await for a response.


Mark Keesee