Witnesses - We Want Their Names!

        On August 23, 1987, Kevin and Don were out night-hunting when they witnessed a police-protected drug drop. The boys were murdered, then their bodies were placed on nearby railroad tracks and run over by a passing train. There are reports in the Arkansas State Police file of the "train deaths" of at least three witnesses implicating Officers Kirt Lane and Jay Campbell as being involved in the murders. The state police ignored two of the witnesses and went to great lengths to discredit the other, yet there was no follow-up investigation of Lane or Campbell; not so much as an inquiry of their whereabouts the night of the murders.
    Obstruction names Lane and Campbell as suspects who were implicated by witnesses in the murders and subsequent cover-up. Within a month of the release of the video, Lane and Campbell had an attorney write Pat a letter demanding they be given the names of the witnesses.
    Given the history of dead witnesses in this case, this was not an acceptable request, so Pat refused to reveal the source of the reports. The attorney threatened to "immediately initiate a lawsuit," but that was June 7, 1996. Now, almost a year later, a law suit has been filed against Pat in the amount of $16,000,000.00.
    It seems rather obvious that Lane and Campbell did not really want to jump into a law suit, since they know the truth, and the truth is Pat's defense which will prevail. Although Linda is not happy that Pat has been sued since it is going to be very costly for him to defend, she is happy that a part of the "train deaths" case is finally getting into court. Pat's attorney will have a great deal of latitude with the discovery process and will be able to acquire files that were not otherwise available to us. This could very well be the best break Linda has had in the ten years since Kevin's murder.