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It was a busy summer, and there's much to report. This update has some "good" news and some "bad" news.

The "good" news: Arkansas's chief FBI agent, I.C. Smith, plans to file a complaint against U.S. Attorney Paula Casey for not using all the information his office developed against Dan Harmon. This claim has renewed some folks' faith in the FBI.

The "bad" news: Barry Seal's brother-in-law, Billy Bottoms, claims to have testimony that will cause problems in the lawsuit Linda Ives plans to file against those responsible for the murder of her son. This has worried some folks who are hoping Linda will see justice served before another ten years passes.

The truth: I.C. Smith and Billy Bottoms are habitual liars; that's apparently what they get paid for. They're in the business of disinformation, and they might be successful if it weren't for the exchange of information via the internet. For the many of you who are new to our website and update list, here's a synopsis.

On August 23, 1987, Kevin Ives, 17, and Don Henry, 16, were murdered after stumbling upon a remote drug-drop zone in Saline County, Arkansas, near the city limits of Little Rock. The drugs were flown in from South/Central America in planes that were modified, repaired, and housed at the Mena, Arkansas Airport. Some solid facts: Modifications and repairs were paid for by the DEA, at least one plane belonged to the CIA, and some of the pilots have been verified or admit to being CIA operatives.

By the time the FBI officially opened it's own case-file on the murders in early 1994, there had been six thwarted investigations (a county grand jury, two county sheriff's departments under different administrations, the state police, a district drug task force, and a federal grand jury).

Linda Ives and I worked with the FBI for over a year in a truly forthright investigation, but when the inevitable connection to the Mena/CIA drug smuggling operation was made, I predicted another shut-down which came in Nov. of 1995. Linda and her husband Larry demanded a meeting with the FBI during which Agent Bill Temple told them there was no evidence and they should consider that a crime had not been committed.

This was when Linda and I went public. We authorized the documentary "Obstruction of Justice" and began promoting its sales to raise money for a civil suit. We developed our website, www.idfiles.com, and we use it, the internet, and talk-radio/television to confront government officials with every lie they utter. We began with the FBI.

Following the first public challenge I made against the FBI, I.C. Smith gave a newspaper interview on January 31, 1996, denying Temple told Linda and Larry that the FBI's position was "no crime had been committed." In essence, Smith called Linda a liar. Not a good move. Linda fired back, and Smith has been on the defense ever since.

Unfortunately for Smith, he frequently contradicts himself and his position vacillates constantly. He has been back and forth since the 1996 interview on whether the boys were even murdered and if they were, whether the FBI has jurisdiction to investigate. Smith has finally abandoned the utterly stupid suggestion that Kevin and Don's deaths were accidental, but according to what we are hearing from those of you who have contacted him, Smith is still expressing doubts about jurisdiction. As I've said before, not even Smith is incompetent enough to allow an agent on a case full-time for over a year when there is no jurisdiction.

In some of his responses to you, Smith asks that you seek information about him and his position on this case from sources other than the internet (our website and updates). If he says this to any of you again, let him know that every public statement he has ever made about this case is on our website and ask him to to be specific about "other sources."

Now, about his complaint against Paula Casey. Hog-wash. My source's source supposedly got this information directly from Smith, but I don't believe it's true. I wouldn't ordinarily pass along information that is from a second-hand source, but the complaint claim is the perfect example of how some people are sucked in by disinformation.

The complaint is supposed to be against Casey for not using all the information the FBI provided against Dan Harmon. I certainly agree there was much more, but a mountain of evidence against Harmon could have come from Linda Ives and me. There may not be two other people on earth who collectively know more about Harmon than we do, but Smith didn't bother to send anybody to interview either of us. So where does he have the room to complain about the lack of evidence against Harmon?

Also, there is a tremendous amount of prosecutoral discretion involved in what evidence is used in a criminal case. Casey discarded and ignored evidence, but there isn't much recourse. If there was, Linda and I would have been the first to file a complaint against her for not having Harmon indicted for his crimes all the way back to Kevin and Don's murders. Our only recourse is public exposure. This is not to be confused with the obstruction of justice Casey's predecessor, Chuck Banks, committed by shutting down a grand jury who had already heard enough evidence via Assistant U.S. Attorney Bob Govar to indict Harmon in 1990, and was unanimously ready to do so.

So, what's the deal with the bogus complaint claim? Just what I said. There are people who are gullible (actually ignorant) enough to believe Smith is trying to do the right thing. It's part of his disinformation campaign, although I don't believe he intended this to go public. He perhaps said it in private to pull a doubter back into the fold. And guess what. It worked. Some people never learn - even after 10 years.

Now, what about Billy Bottoms? There's really not much I can say about "Da Bear" as my internet comrade, Larry, calls him. While Linda and I keep FBI Disinformant Smith in check, Larry and others like comrade Michael Rivero and Daniel Hopsicker, keep Disinformant Bottoms in check, and that is a massive undertaking. While Smith has other duties to perform, Bottoms has no other duty aside from writing volumes of disinformation and posting it to news groups on the internet.

Larry, nearly singled handedly discredited Bottoms to the point of Bottoms being of little or no concern to truth-seekers. It's amazing that Bottoms still has the audacity to suggest he has information that will be a problem for Linda's civil suit. I am so absolutely certain Bottoms has nothing - zilch, zero, zip - that I will personally see to it Bottoms gets the name, address, and phone number, of the defense attorney for whomever Linda sues. It will give me great pleasure to see Bottoms wasting their time with his tales. When Linda is ready to file her suit, it will not be too weak to withstand the lies of a pathetic, has-been, disinformant. It will have to have, and will have, the strength to withstand the lies of government authorities.

If you're new to our update list, I welcome you and thank you for your interest and concern. If you're an old friend, thanks for being patient. I'm weeks behind on reading and answering e-mail and on writing up-dates. As I settle back into my teaching schedule, I'll catch you all up on what Linda and I accomplished this summer.

A special hello to my new Texan family. You know who you are.

Best wishes,

Jean Duffey

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