Update: June 25, 1999

Justice is closer

Any hope of justice for Kevin and Don died in Linda Ives on November 29, 1995, when the FBI claimed that their investigation turned up “no evidence that a crime had even been committed.” Her optimism, however, was restored when the “train deaths” case found new life on the internet.

As the story of a bipartisan cover-up unfolded on our website, supporters throughout the internet took action on Linda’s behalf via phone calls, e-mails, faxes and letters, and changes began to take place - Dan Harmon went to prison, I.C.Smith was ousted, and Linda is about to have her first day in court.

When money became an obstacle, I reached out through the internet and asked for help to raise $50,000 to get the law suit against our video through the trial phase. Once again, supporters took action and in the weeks after my June 1 Update, $12,000 has been raised to pay Pat’s attorney. We still have a long way to go, but Linda is closer now to seeing some measure of justice than since she buried Kevin’s mutilated body.

We are especially grateful to the Free Republic Forum , where an enormous out-pouring of emotional and financial support was generated. FR discussion is an excellent gauge for us to measure the strength of the case we make against our government’s involvement in drugs, corruption, and cover-up. Although conservative by nature, FR members have a non-partisan vengeance for the truth and are not easily detracted.

Linda and I wish to thank everyone who has pledged and/or sent donations. We are optimistic of raising the remaining $38,000 by trial which begins August 2, but we need your continued help. If you intended to send a check but have not gotten around to putting it in the mail, you can make a credit card contribution on the links below where our Obstruction of Justice video can also be ordered.

The words “thank you” are not adequate to express our heart-felt gratitude, but they are most sincerely offered.

Jean Duffey