By Linda Ives

JANUARY 31, 1996: I.C. Smith, the head of the FBI in Arkansas, gave an interview to The Benton Courier, the small local paper which was instrumental in the smear campaign on Jean. Smith told The Courier that "Temple is 'a caring individual who has been very concerned because, he has been so badly misquoted'". The Courier article says that Smith "is convinced Temple said nothing to Ives in such a 'cold-hearted' manner."

FEBRUARY 1, 1996: Because The Courier printed Smith's statements without giving me an opportunity to respond to Smith, in essence, calling me a liar, I responded in a letter distributed as a news release. The same day, Jean wrote a letter to I.C. Smith informing him she had his own agent who was a witness to Temple's statement on audio tape verifying that I had quoted Temple correctly.

FIRST WEEK OF FEBRUARY, 1996: Since Smith said in his interview to The Courier that he "would be willing to meet personally with Mrs. Ives and discuss the case," I called to request an appointment for Larry and me. A meeting was scheduled for February 8, 1996 at 2:00 p.m.

FEBRUARY 8, 1996: As time for our appointment with Smith drew near, Larry, who has an irregular work schedule as a locomotive engineer, had not yet gotten in from work. After the recent events and Smith's obvious lack of regard for the truth, I was reluctant, and in fact, unwilling to meet with Smith without a witness to whatever might transpire or what might be said at our meeting. I called Smith to ask if we could delay the meeting until the following morning so that Larry could be there. I was quite surprised at Smith's obvious anger and reaction to my simple request. Smith made several remarks about my "behavior in the press" which he felt was inappropriate. He then asked why I wanted to meet with him and stated he didn't see any reason for us to meet. I reminded him that it was he who suggested a meeting in his statements to The Courier. At that point, the conversation literally turned into a screaming match before I hung up on him.

LATE MARCH, 1996: Obstruction of Justice was released. Jean and I devoted thousands of hours to researching and editing the video in an effort to make it factual and informative. We began making appearances via telephone on talk-radio throughout the country in an effort to expose the corruption surrounding Kevin and Don's murders. We made no bones about the FBI's participation in the cover-up and, in fact, frequently detail my meeting with Bill Temple and I.C. Smith's response in The Courier.

JUNE 7, 1996: Two Houston FBI agents interviewed Jean at her home in Pasadena, Texas. An internal investigation is being conducted on Phyllis. The reason: She did her job too well. There is ample evidence that a crime was committed and, in fact, the FBI knows who committed it. However, the investigation that uncovered the truth must be discredited and what better way to discredit an investigation than to discredit the investigator. Jean can testify to that.

I have no doubt this story is not over yet.