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Evidence the jury was not allowed see is denoted by a "*"

7th Judicial Drug Task Force
* Glenda Raper Interview - Live-in friend of Keith McKaskle
   Note: Keith McCaskle was stabbed 113 times in his own carport. The murder remains unsolved

Arkansas State Police Train Deaths Investigation
* Mike Crook says McKaskle feard Lane & Campbell.

* ASP Transcription of Morrissey Notes -

Affidavits Collected by Defense Attorney R. David Lewis:
* Teddy Carter, Federal Drug Informant

* Confidential Informant

* R. David Lewis
* Robert K. Logan
* Sgt. Owen Philpott
* Lisa Collins
* William J. Tackett
* Donna Morrissey
* Marjorie Tackett

Ronnie Godwin: Arkansas State Police Train Deaths Investigation
Ronnie Godwin interview #1
Ronnie Godwin interview #2
ASP Investigator's Notes - Ronnie Godwin