Ives-Duffy investigation into the 
murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry


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Don Henry
(left) Kevin Ives (right)

On August 23, 1987, seventeen-year-old Kevin Ives and sixteen-year-old Don Henry, were murdered in a rural community just south of Little Rock. Their bodies were placed on railroad tracks and run over by a passing train. A cover-up began immediately and eventually extended to every level of government involving local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Through the tenacity of Kevin's mother, Linda, the coverup is finally unraveling. Kevin and Don inadvertently witnessed a drug drop that was part of the international drug smuggling operation out of Mena, Arkansas. The cover-up has been perpetuated to prevent exposing the involvement of three U.S. presidents in the crimes of Mena. Obstruction of Justice, which was meticulously edited for accuracy, tells the amazing story of drugs, murders, and betrayal by our government officials.

Please do not neglect to order the video. Sales from the video is the only means Linda and Jean have of raising money for the Civil Justice Fund and for financing this web site.

nlike other videos about our government, Obstruction of Justice is not based on unsubstantiated accusations and innuendoes. Obstruction is a carefully documented story of the "train deaths," which has a powerful impact on everyone who sees it. Jean Duffey and Linda Ives negotiated control of the contents of Obstruction of Justice, which tells this amazing story, and they have vowed to raise enough money through video sales to file a civil law suit. This is clearly the only justice the families of Kevin and Don will ever see.

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Ives-Duffy investigation into the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry