Thursday, June 12, 1997

Miracles do happen!

By Linda Ives

Harmon's jury saw through the strengths and weaknesses of the lawyers, and in spite of presenting a case the government almost deserved to lose, Harmon was convicted on five counts; racketeering, three extortion conspiracies, and one marijuana distribution charge. Although the counts carry a total of 100 years, under federal sentencing guidelines he may get as few as 10.

There is much celebration around the state tonight for those who have followed Harmon's escapades in the press and are familiar with Kevin and Don's murders. For me, the convictions are bitter-sweet. Harmon should have been tried for the murders of Kevin and Don, but protecting a crony was more important than bringing a killer to justice. To include Kevin and Don's murders or any of the almost identical cases prior to 1991 would expose the criminal actions of former U.S. Attorney Chuck Banks who cleared Harmon and other public officials in Saline County of all "wrong-doing" in June, 1991. In my opinion, and more importantly, in Jean's (a former prosecutor herself), the evidence they have in Kevin's and Don's murder is more compelling than any evidence they presented in the crimes he was convicted of.

I have known for over two years that the government is not going to do its' job. Jean Duffey and I will spend this summer preparing a civil lawsuit. Apparently, a civil court is the only court of law that will ever hear Kevin and Don's case.