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The following Charles Hayes Interview Notes is a document generated by an Arkansas Committee investigator and is one of the documents made available to U.S. Attorney J. Michael Fitzhugh during his so-called grand jury investigation of Mena. State Police Investigator Russell Welch, IRS Investigator Bill Duncan, and other competent investigators compiled a 20,000-page file on the Mena-Airport-based drug smuggling and money laundering operation of Barry Seal. Neither Welch nor Duncan were ever called to testify before the jurors, and most of their evidence was never presented.

The Interview Notes have been transcribed and published on this site for the purpose of generating as much information as possible on the persons named. Some names have been deleted to protect their identity. If you know anything about the present whereabouts of any of the persons named or if you have information about anyone's involvement with Mena, the CIA, ADFA, or any other connections involving drug smuggling and money laundering, please e-mail your information to Jean Duffey. Be aware that if you do not get a response within a day or two, your e-mail was not received in which case we would be grateful if you would follow up with a fax or phone call.

Charles Hayes Interview Notes

Charles Hayes was contacted by telephone on 7-14-92 by (interviewer's name deleted). The contact was made through (name deleted) in San Francisco. Charles Hayes was of interest to the Mena case because Michael Riconisuito had said that the two men in overall charge of the operations were Clay Lacy and Charles Hayes. (Name deleted) had on 7-13-92 been given Hayes phone number and supplied the number to the interviewer. Mr. Hayes had not been known to have had an involvement with the Mena case previously, but was known to have been involved with another case in Kentucky, known as the Bluegrass Conspiracy after the book by that name, and the Inslaw case. He had been described as a "very heavy hitter" by (name deleted). Gene Wheaton had told the interviewer that Hayes had once been an owner of 4469P, the Australian C-130 that had been at Mena. When Mr. Hayes was contacted by phone, he initially confirmed that he knew Riconisuito and Lacy. After listening to what the interviewer said was known and had been said about Hayes and Mena, Hayes said that he would have to have the interviewer "checked out" before continuing the conversation. The following day, at about 7:30 CST, Hayes was contacted again by phone . . . .

Hayes began by saying that he would not advance any information or elaborate, but that he would answer questions.
Q. Do you know Clay Lacey?
A. Yes.
Q. Was Lacy involved in the operations at Mena?
A. Yes, since about 1984.
Q. Do you know Glenn Conrad?
A. Yes.
Q. Do you know Peter Dickens?
A. Yes.
Q. Have you ever owned a C-130 from Australia number 4469P?
A. No, but I know about that plane.
Q. Was PM involved in the operations at Mena?
A. Yes, but only a small involvement.
Q. Was Planters Lumber Co. involved?
A. Yes, the owners were involved.
Q. Were Planters Lumber Co. trucks in Mena?
A. Yes.
Q. Would you be surprised if cocaine were moved out of the Mena area on Planter's trucks?
A. I hate drug, have never had anything to do with drugs, but I would not be surprised. Drugs were imported into Mena, and officials were involved.
Q. Were you in charge of operations at Mena?
A. I am a contract agent for the CIA. I have been an agent since way before the Bay of Pigs invasion. In 1960, George Bush was a payroll man for the CIA.
Q. Do you know Terry Reed?
A. Yes.
Q. Have you ever met Terry Reed?
A. Yes.
Q. What is your opinion of Terry Reed?
A. What do you think about what you flush down the toilet?
Q. Do you know Buddy Beam?
A. Yes.
Q. Was Bill Clinton aware of the operations at Mena?
A. No, but his associates were involved.
Q. Was there money laundering involved in the Mena operations?
A. Yes, the main thing about Mena was the political power and money associated with it.
Q. Was Stephens Inc. involved in the money laundering?
A. Yes, and so was the Northrup Company, all the way up to Kenny Northrup.
Q. Were Kenny Northrup and Robert Chasin involved in the money laundering?
A. Yes.
Q. Would it be correct to say that the Mena operations generated 100,000,000 per week?
A. No, that's too high.
Q. Would it be correct to say that the Mena operations generated 1,000 per week?
A. No, that too low.
Q. Would it be correct to say 10,000,000?
A. That's about right.
Q. Was there DOD involvement in the Mena operations?
A. Yes, it could not have happened without DOD involvement.
Q. Do you know Larry Nichols?
A. Yes.
Q. Larry Nichols denies that he has ever met you or Clay Lacy.
A. Nichols and Lacy have had their pictures taken together. Larry certainly knows me. If you had robbed Fort Knox, and I knew that you had done it, would you admit to knowing me?
Q. Do Lacy and ADFA have connections?
A. Yes, Lacy is associated with ADFA.
Q. Do you know Wooten Epps?
A. Yes.
Q. Do you now Bob Nash?
A. Yes, I was personally present when Barry Seal gave Bob Nash a suitcase full of money. I don't take payoffs, and don't like those who do.
Q. Did you know that Bob Nash is currently president of ADFA?
A. You're kidding.
Q. No, I have interviewed Bob Nash in his office at ADFA.
A. I never thought he would get that far.
Q. Do you know Don Worthy?
A. Yes.
Q. Is it correct to say that Don Worthy has an involvement in the Mena operations?
A. Yes, a very important involvement. You are getting close to the head of the octopus with Don Worthy.
Q. Do you know Bob Neal?
A. Yes.
Q. Is Bob Neal associated with an underground complex at the Hope, Arkansas Airport?
A. I don't believe he owns it. You are getting into an area that I won't talk about. It's the subject of an investigation.
Q. Do you mean the recently renewed FBI investigation?
A. (Laugh) No, that's like putting the robbers in with the gold. There is another investigation that I'm talking about.
Q. Is it correct to say that the Arkansas State Police are involved in distributing cocaine derived from the Mena Arkansas operations?
A. Very definitely, and federal people as well.
Q. Do you now Buddy Young?
A. (Pause) I won't talk about Buddy Young?
Q. Do you know Jerry Montgomery?
A. I won't talk about Jerry Montgomery.
Q. Do you know David Talachet?
A. I believe I could pick him out of a crowd.
Q. Is it correct to say that David Talachet has friends in high places?
A. Sitting in the White House.
Q. Is it correct to say that Talachet has friends in very high places?
A. George Bush.
Q. Do you know Mike Egelston?
A. Yes.
Q. Is it correct to say that Egelston worked for Multi-Trade International?
A. I don't believe he gets his check there.
Q. Do you know Bob Maddern?
A. Yes.
Q. Is it correct to say that Maddern worked for Multi-Trade International?
A. I don't believe that he gets his check there. You're going down the ladder now.

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