Linda Ives and Jean Duffey had not met in 1990 when Jean's drug task force was investigating Dan Harmon and other public officials involved in drug trafficking. Harmon had also become a primary target of a federal investigation of public official corruption in Saline County. Harmon convinced Linda the investigations were in retaliation for the work he had done on the "train deaths" case back in 1988. During that year, Harmon headed a county grand jury inquiry of the murders and manipulated the media into making him a folk hero.

When Jean Duffey was put in charge of the district's newly created drug task force, the corrupt political system set Harmon up to run unopposed for district prosecutor. As soon as Harmon became the prosecutor-elect, he called on two of his reporter buddies to launch a smear campaign against Jean and her task force. Jean was brutalized by these reporters' lies for months, and Linda accepted what she read as truth in reporting. It wasn't until after Jean left Arkansas that Linda saw through Harmon. She finally realized Harmon used his position, then and now, to orchestrate and perpetuate a cover-up of Kevin and Don's murders in which he, himself, was involved.

Linda and Jean met, for the first time, in 1994 when they were each contacted by the FBI. After putting their information together and working with the FBI for over a year, the big picture came into focus. Kevin and Don were murdered after witnessing a CIA covert drug operation that was protected by state and federal officials. When the FBI suddenly shut its investigation down in November, 1995, they gave up on the government ever doing its job. They negotiated control of the contents of Obstruction of Justice, which tells their part of the story, and they have vowed to raise enough money through video sales to file a civil law suit. This is clearly the only justice the families of Kevin and Don will ever see. Obstruction is a carefully documented story of the "train deaths," which has a powerful impact on everyone who sees it. It is an eye-opener of how every level of government participated in a cover-up of national significance.

Linda Ives Jean Duffey