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Paper War

Conspiracy Commerce

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

  • January 6. 1997, The Wall Street Journal broke the story about the 332 page "Conspiracy Commerce" report compiled by the White House. The report theorizes how "fringe stories" created by right-wing extremists make their way from cyberspace to main stream media. (See Related Article, White House Heat)
  • January 9, 1997, Mike McCurry, White House Press Secretary, is grilled by the White House Press Corps about the "conspiracy commerce" report.(See Related Article, Press Briefing)
  • January 10, 1997, the "conspiracy commerce" story is covered by every major newspaper in the country.
  • January 10-12, 1997, the report is discussed by every political talking-head on television.
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette printed nothing. Not one word. No report by the Associated Press. No article by Reuters or UPI. Why? Because The Wall Street Journal broke the story? Because The Wall Street Journal wrote about Linda Ives and the murder of her son in the article? Was the combination of The Wall Street Journal, the mention of Linda Ives and her murdered son, and drugs dropped from planes just too much for the state's largest newspaper?

The truth is, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette has deemed the placement of Linda Ives on a White House enemies list, as un-newsworthy as new revelations in the "train deaths" case.




Ives-Duffy investigation into the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry