Linda Ives

Before the death of her son, Kevin, Linda Ives was a quiet suburban wife and mother, contently living the American dream. Unconvinced and confused by the state medical examiner's accidental ruling in Kevin and Don's deaths, Linda was flung into the role of an activist against government corruption. Linda was enthusiastically supported by the media in her effort to expose the incompetence of the state medical examiner and to oust her local sheriff from office, but she was accomplishing too much. Linda had to be controlled, so Dan Harmon, a local attorney, approached and befriended her and claimed he wanted to help her solve her son's murder. Harmon offered to serve without pay as a special prosecutor and was put in charge of the case. Alarmingly, several potential witnesses soon began to turn up dead. Although Linda eventually came to realize Harmon was controlling a cover-up, she was devastated when eye-witnesses came forward and passed a polygraph test placing Harmon on the tracks with Kevin and Don the night they were murdered. Then in 1994, evidence was developed linking Kevin and Don's murders to the Mena, Arkansas drug smuggling operation. Mainstream media has labeled all Mena crimes as conspiracy nonsense and are ignoring credible evidence that explains why seven investigations into the "train deaths" have been shut-down. Undetered, Linda keeps fighting.

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