Update: Just Following Orders
Saturday, March 7, 1998

Correction and Clarification


The response to this morning's update has been, as usual, very big and very gratifying. Thank you all for your interest in our struggle for justice. There is, however, a correction and a clarification I need to make.

First the correction: Lib Carlisle was the head of the State Democratic Party and not the County Republican Party. I knew better; my fingers were typing while my mind was not engaged, and my editors, Mark and Linda, didn't catch it. Our apologies - we try very hard to be accurate.

Now the clarification: Tom and Beth Burkett emailed me a couple of questions this morning in response to the update. (The Burketts have also been through trauma, turmoil, and frustrations over their son's murder and the cover ups by public officials, particularly the FBI. Please visit their website at http://www.clark.net/pub/tburkett/pacc/PACC.html)

The Burkett's wrote: "If the FBI confirmed the murders, how can they also hold that no crime was committed? Who in the FBI confirmed the murders and the relationship to Mena and when?"

The answer to the first question: That's what we would like to know, but then the contradiction isn't all that big of a deal - not to the media anyway. A summary of other inconsistent statements made to the media by FBI Little Rock Director I.C. Smith: Smith says he doesn't know whether or not the boys were murdered, but he says the FBI did conduct a thorough investigation of the murders, though he says he doesn't think they have jurisdiction to investigate the murders, yet he says their investigation of the murders is still open. So which is it, Smith? Murders or no murders? Jurisdiction or no jurisdiction? Case open or case closed? What is even more disgusting than Smith making such asinine statements is that the media allowed him to get by with it.

To answer the second question: During the eighteen months Linda and I worked with Agent Phyllis Cournan, she made many comments to us that lead us to believe the FBI had the murders solved and knew the government had participated in a cover-up. Examples:

In late fall, 1994, I passed information on to Cournan from a pilot who claims to have been a CIA operative and says he flew the Saline County drop on occasion. The pilot told me the Saline County drop was part of the Mena drug smuggling operation and that after one of the drops came up missing, those responsible for protecting it hid out to ambush whoever might show up for another drop. The pilot said that Kevin and Don showed up, were beaten and killed, and were laid on the tracks to cover the signs of murder. Cournan had been involved in polygraphing witnesses and suspects during this time period, and several weeks after I passed on the pilot's story, she told me she had verified the story through polygraph tests.

Cournan told Linda that they had polygraphed Danny Allen, a city cop at the time of the murders, and the FBI could prove, at the very least, that Allen helped lay the bodies on the tracks.

The first face to face meeting I had with Cournan, she slipped me a note in her handwriting that says "Lib Carlisle (state Democratic Party chairman) was supposedly responsible for calling the capital in LR (Little Rock) to back the state police off (the train deaths case)."

Cournan told Linda and I on several occasions late in the investigation that Linda should file a civil suit, and that we would have no problem proving government official cover-up of the murders. Cournan said we should subpoena her and the FBI files.

Throughout the investigation, Cournan repeatedly told Linda and me that the investigation was going very well. During one of the last communications Linda had with Cournan, Cournan told her they had one more person to polygraph which should bring the investigation to a close. (That is apparently exactly what happened.)

Cournan was not the only one assuring Linda that the case was going well. Cournan's supervisor, Al Finch, told Linda that she should sit back and let the FBI do its job, and that she would be very pleased with the outcome.

Although Linda and I felt that Cournan was very forthright during her eighteen-month-long investigation, signs began to appear that caused us concern. We recorded telephone conversations that will prove several lies the FBI has told. We'll, of course, be passing those on to you.

Thanks for your support and your prayers. Both help to keep us going.

Jean Duffey

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