Jean Duffey

Jean Duffey was a deputy prosecuting attorney and head of a drug task force in the Arkansas district where Kevin Ives and Don Henry had been murdered two and a half years earlier. Jean's task force provided a federal grand jury with information linking high-ranking public officials to drug trafficking, and in December of 1990, she approached U.S. Attorney Chuck Banks with evidence that linked drugs and public officials to Kevin and Don's murders. After receiving that information, Banks shut down the grand jury and cleared all public officials Jean had investigated. Jean was discredited, her task force was dismantled, and two illegal felony warrants were issued for her arrest. Learning that she would not leave the jail alive if arrested, Jean fled to Texas in February, 1991, where her husband and children eventially joined her. Jean was contacted in 1994 by the FBI and was asked to assist them in another investigation of the "train deaths." When that investigation was shut down, Jean went public for the first time with her story.

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