Saturday, December 20, 1997

Harmon is denied new lawyer request

A federal judge Wednesday rejected former Prosecuting Attorney Dan Harmon's attempt to obtain a new lawyer before his sentencing on five federal felony charges and his trail on four new drug charges.
    Harmon, who was convicted in June on racketeering, extortion and drug charges involving misuse of his elected office, complained to Chief U.S. District Judge Stephen M. Reasoner in a letter earlier this month that he was having problems communicating with his lawyer, Lea Ellen Fowler of Little Rock.
    Fowler responded to the court that she has continued to "work diligently to zealously represent Mr. Harmon," and that she had talked with Harmon several times since he has been in Pulaski County jail and has talked with his sister several times each week.
    Fowler also said she was looking into what could be done about Harmon's dental problems. Harmon complained in his letter about problems with his teeth, including the loss of two fillings while incarcerated.
    No sentencing date has been set for Harmon, nor has a trial date been set in the second criminal case, which is before U.S. District Judge Henry Woods.

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