Update: July 28, 1997


I have received many emails asking why there have not been any recent updates. There is concern that nothing is happening and progress is not being made.

I am happy to report that I have not written a recent update because there is too much going on, not for lack thereof. I have less than two weeks before I have to report back to school, so I must take advantage of every minute of every day. I am behind on answering email as well as writing updates. As soon as I get settled back into a schedule at home, I'll catch you up on what Linda and I accomplished this summer.

Generally, we have been investigating Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane, who are suing Pat Matricsiana for naming them in our video as being implicated by witnesses in the murders of Kevin and Don. Linda and I are trying our very best to make certain the law suit they filed is the worst mistake of their lives.

I will begin to report details to you as discovery and depositions get underway. In the meantime, please pass along the below letter which has been written to raise money for Pat's defense fund.

Thank you for your patience.

All the best,

Jean Duffey


Dear Fellow American,

On August 23, 1987, two teenage boys stumbled upon a drug smuggling operation that was sanctioned by federal officials and protected by local law enforcement. The boys, Kevin Ives, 17, and Don Henry, 16, were murdered. Their bodies were laid across nearby railroad tracks and mutilated by a passing train.

Most of you are familiar with this nationally- publicized story which has become know as the "train deaths." Most of you also know that the murders are officially unsolved, because every investigation (seven in all) has been either controlled or shut down to prevent exposing the CIA-operative drug-smuggling based in rural Mena, Arkansas.

The "train deaths" is a disturbing and shocking story but, unfortunately, is not unique. It has, however, become a symbol - an icon of injustice. It is the heart-wrenching story of a mother who has plodded a tenacious journey for tens years with still no end in sight; it is the inspiring story of a prosecutor who was professionally destroyed for standing alone against a corrupt system; it is the disconcerting story of a deputy sheriff who was stonewalled by his superiors; and it is the exasperating story of a film maker who risked everything to expose the truth.

The mother is Linda Ives. She promised her son, Kevin, that his killers would be brought to justice, but she cannot keep her promise. It has been ten years and every level of law enforcement has participated in covering up the murders. It is clear that the government is not going to do its job by prosecuting anyone in criminal court, so Linda is forced to seek accountability in civil court. It is the best she can do for Kevin.

The prosecutor is Jean Duffey. In 1990, her career and reputation were destroyed in a brutal smear campaign led by dirty public officials she was trying to expose. She slipped quietly into Texas where she became a high school algebra teacher until . In 1994, the FBI persuaded her to help them investigate the train deaths by promising to expose the truth, but when the truth led to Mena drug-smuggling, the FBI backed off cold. Jean refused to go away quietly this time.

The deputy sheriff is John Brown. In 1993, despite being warned to back off by a superior and the Clinton- appointed state drug czar, John poured his heart and soul into his investigation. After John had worked the case for nearly a year, an eye witness came forward, the FBI demanded control, and John was ostracized. John resigned in disgust and is now the Chief of Police for the City of Alexander, near where the boys were murdered.

The film-maker is Pat Matrisciana. After learning of the "train deaths" story in 1993, Pat was led to tell it. In 1996, Pat released Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection, which tells the story and names the individuals who have been implicated in government

documents as the murderers. Two of those individuals are suing Pat, his film company, and Pat's organization, Citizens For Honest Government, for $16,000,000.00.

Ordinarily, truth is a defense in a libel suit, but this suit is in Arkansas and this is a suit that involves corrupt officials who are being protected by the highest levels of our government. Pat has found himself on the front line in a war with murderers, drug smugglers, and dirty public officials and has realized that the system - the government - is his enemy.

If Pat loses this lawsuit, he and Citizens For Honest Government will be destroyed. That would be a terrible injustice, but even worse, losing the suit would close the doors to any kind of justice for Kevin and Don. It is absolutely imperative to defend Pat successfully, and it can be done. It can be done because evidence will be made available during the discovery and deposition phase of the suit that has not been available before. The good news is, this new evidence will expose what the government has been hiding for ten years. The bad news is, discovery and depositions are wildly expensive.

Most of us who are familiar with the train deaths story are convinced it is the eye of the storm. Swirling around the eye is CIA drug-smuggling, Clinton money-laundering, government- sanctioned murders, bipartisan cover-ups, and corporate media-control. The law suit against Pat could be the thread that unravels it all, and Pat has a grip on that thread. The only thing preventing him from yanking it is money.

It is going to cost at least $100,000 to successfully defend Pat. That may sound like a lot of money, until one considers the powers he is up against and the offense they will launch against him. He has two great advantages, though - a brilliant lawyer and the truth. We simply cannot allow justice to be impeded for lack of money.

Here's some things you can do: Go to the "train deaths" website at www.idfiles.com, and order the video Obstruction of Justice or do so by calling 1-800-558-4308 (all profits from the video go to the Kevin Ives Civil Justice Fund). Call 1-800-965-2344 to contribute to Pat's defense fund and to join Citizens For Honest Government (you will get their bimonthly newsletter). Make copies of this article and distribute it to everyone you know. Include Linda, Jean, John, and Pat in your prayers.

God Bless You,

A Friend

NOTE: Dan Harmon is expected to be sentenced within 30 to 60 days.

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