Excerpt: Transcription of Exhibit 2
Minasian Video
Meeting of 7/18/94

Participants in the meeting are Scott Wheeler (SW), John Brown (JB), Gary Parks (GP), Larry Nichols (LN), and Larry Patterson (LP).

GP: You mentioned Jay Campbell earlier.

JB: Yep.

GP: Uh, he called me about a month and a half ago and asked me if I'd heard about Lasater being involved in anything else.

JB: Watch what you say to Jay Campbell - be real careful

LN: Who is Jay Campbell?

GP: I've known him about eight years.

JB: I don't care. You be r-e-a-l careful.

LN: Who is that?

GP: Jay Campbell's head of the narcotics for, uh, Pulaski County.

LN: Do you know him?

LP: Yeah, I know Jay.

LN: Well, that helped a lot. I mean what, what ?

LP: Uh, you know there has been, there has been, you know, rumors circulating in Pulaski County for a number of years about, about, Jay. Uh, I've seen some intelligence reports. Uh, I have no knowledge what so ever of, of, uh, of whether he's, uh, involved in any activity that, uh, would be questionable. But I have heard several reports of, and intelligence reports that ho, he is involved in some stuff he shouldn't be involved in.

LN: Well, are the state police just leaving Lasater just plumb alone?

JB: Why not? They leave everybody else alone.

LP: They . . . Yes. They, uh, the only way they're going to do anything is if they uh, receive, uh, intelligence, if, uh . . . but right now, you know, they're not doing anything . . . working. It's, it's . . . to my knowledge . . . to my knowledge . . . I have no knowledge of the sate police working a active investigation on Dan Lasater, uh, at this time. I know there is some intelligence reports and that's all I know about.

GP: Well, I've seen intelligence reports where Jay Campbell's admitted that he was telling Dan Lasater when they were looking at him on drugs. With the paper work that we've got, its listed in there where Jay Campbell was flying to Fayetteville with them . . . was actually telling him about . . . was telling Lassater, "Hey, you're being investigated."

JB: The problem I have with it, he and Kirk Lane both, is uh, very early on in the Henry and Ives homicide, the two boys on the tracks, their name appeared as possible suspects along with a third name. And again they're just listed as possible suspects, which was Larry Dill.