SPEAKING OUT: Former Saline County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jean Duffey is talking about the unsavory doings surrounding the county's drug task force.

Arkansas Times

January 5, 1996


A former drug task force head reveals details
of her brush with Saline County justice.


Harmon on Duffey:

......Prosecuting Attorney Dan Harmon of Benton had this to say about Jean Duffey's allegation he and other 7th Judicial District public officials are involved in drug use and drug-trafficking: "Ms. Duffey is insane."
...... "Ms. Duffey is like most animal activists," Harmon said in a recent telephone interview. "She's a nut."
...... Harmon said the complaints Duffey raises are not new allegations, and he said former U.S. Attorney Chuck Banks had investigated the allegations previously and found them false.
...... "If there had been anything there, Chuck Banks would have pursued them," Harmon said. "Everybody's corrupt, according to her, from the mailman on down.
...... "These are the same things she raised before," Harmon said. "She's certifiable."
Harmon said there was "absolutely not" any truth to Duffey's charges that public officials in the 7th Judicial District have been associated with drugs or that any investigation was hindered to protect them.
...... Harmon said he blames Duffey for the 7th Judicial District Drug Task Force's troubled start, saying she exercised such loose control over the task force and undercover officers that problems were inevitable.
...... "I cleaned house," Harmon said. "It was a real mess."
...... Harmon noted that there is an outstanding warrant on Duffey since she did not appear in 1991 to testify before a Saline County grand jury.
...... "Ms. Duffey is not above the law," he said.
...... Harmon's predecessor and Duffey's former boss—Gary Arnold, now a circuit chancery judge for the 7th Judicial District—had no comment on Duffey's contentions.
...... "I'm just not going to comment," Arnold said.
...... U.S. Attorney Paula Casey said her office normally does not confirm, deny or comment on investigations. "Obviously, there is an ongoing investigation. I can't discuss the parameters."
...... Neither Banks nor Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Govar responded to requests for interviews.

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